"Best Female DJ in New England!" - Pharoah


"There was a moment on the dance floor when you took my soul for an emotional ride (through your music, the song had saxophone or an instrument from you second towards end). It was therapeutic, thank you. I was so amazed that you turned out to be the best dj of the night to my taste of dancing & Sound Flowave. You rank among the very exclusive djs these days that can play with emotions through music with such an uplifting spirit. Your Flowave took my dancing to realms I never knew existed." - Mehdi


"All the love and smiles there last night was exactly what I needed, my older fur baby went for his big rest and new journey the Saturday before your event. I was feeling so down and honestly a little lost. So that dose of great music and amazing people helped me find my center. If you ever need any sort of help with future events or anything like that, I will always be there to lend a helping hand!! You guys are family now, it's been established." - Adam


"I've booked Shara to DJ my events several times. She always answers her phone, shows up on time, is very professional and easy to work with. She is one of my favorite local djs and never fails to get the crowd moving." -Mark


"Shara is awesome! She will rock your socks of with bomb after bomb and dance with you while she does it! She truly loves what she does and she has used her passion to sponsor charities through her DeVote events. Her star is definitely rising!" -Sean


"Shara is committed to her art. She is also a great business woman capable of managing herself, her time, and isn't just an ego- she's the real deal." -Rico


"Shara is a dedicated musican with amazing talent! Her shows are always off the charts fun!" -Sarah


"If you want a DJ that stands out from the rest, Shara Dee is the international DJ you have been looking for! She's amazing!" -Tina


"Really impressive to see how much Shara has grown as a DJ in such a short time. She started off Good and is now great." -Philippe


"Great person, she has always been kind and honest with me. Not to mention always able to make me dance. Keep up the great work" -John


"Such great work Shara your an amazing artist" -Nathan


"One of the best in her region for sure! Always a pleasure to rock alongside ShaR4!" -Aaron


"Here is a hard worker with potential to be a star." -Scott


"Great DJ and fantastic friend. All in all, a well liked person. Shara will make it in life" -Nick


"With love and respect to Shar4 from Russia" -Pavel


"Shara Dee's the ONE to see!!!" -Ivy


"Great party last night Shara; it was a really good turnout...everyone who I came with had a great time! My friend Brett (DJ Balls) really tore it up! I never thought that I could have a good time going to these kind of events being sober but I believe you are bringing the scene back. You guys really outdid yourselves this time...you should be proud. Take a bow." - Adam (NH)

"Great show (DeVote), great cause! Thanks for your work to improve the lives of those around you." - Orin (NH)

"I'll be there +10. We had a blast dancing to the electro beats. DJ ShaR4 is what the upper valley has been waiting for. Def not missing this one! We loved it! Keep doin your thang! We caught ur set last halloween. When I found out u were spinning at SH I made it a point to get there and dance to the new electro hotness. Thank you SO MUCH for finally bringing some variety and GOOD....I mean AMAZING music to the area. EDM 4 life :)"  - Nick (NH)


"Thanks again for hosting an amazing event. Devote nights are by far the most amazing in the upper valley. Had I of worn a Pedometer that night I probably would have danced AT least 20 miles ;) Shar4 rules! - Nick (NH)


"Shara Dee is not only a fabulous dj but a caring and driven individual. She is a leader seeking solutions to life's problems while creating a grooving track to bring joy and relaxation. Her yin and yang are well-balanced and she proves that djs are more than just remote icons. She is vital and relevant! Highly recommended!"  Raeven Msbehavin · CVO at RAEVEN MSBEHAVIN PROMOTIONS


"I don't mean to be sentimental, but I was on Pandora this morning and some trance mix of Is It Love came on. Mild, repetitive, and uninspiring. But it made me miss the Starkillers mix and that reminded me of what it was like that first night that I was wandering hip hop and top 40 infested Hanover, past the side door to IQ. The transition from being pissy and just having a shitty night to something that I remember with a smile every time. I miss that moment where I felt/heard the beats in an unexpected moment. The hesitant and unbelieving steps through the door, seeing a dj bouncing to her own tunes in a tiny room without a crowd. So I went in. And that made all the difference.........Thank you for spinning. Even though I'm often busier than I want and I can't bounce for you anywhere near as much as I'd like. You made a difference that night. Cheeseball but... that night a dj saved my life. :) Just pushing good thoughts your way. You never know when another glowing dancer is going to come your way. Isn't there some equally cheezy line, 'keep smiling, you never know who's falling in love... blah blah blah'? Our version is, 'spin your heart out, someone just needs to find your beats'. "                            

- Rico (NH)


"Great event, DJs Shar4 and *DJ Raizen made it so I needed water every 3 minutes and a fan break, even learned some new dance moves, rippen electro, electro tracks ive never heard before that just blew me away. Plus a few moments where the energy and the vibes might as well been a giant T-Rex Skeleton chasing after you ;) ...umm, I think I'm starting to like Electro. You know not the usual electro but the tracks that shar4 and Raizen spun are like WOW."  *Cain Marko/Jake Billings  - Nathan (VT)


"Shar4 Took us out with a charge from the out side as this American sweet heart rolled up her sox and kicked the floor into over drive! Those that left missed an opportunity to support a fellow DJ and kick the morning storm to HELL! Great night big + to MARIO and all the HOHM members." -Andrew (Montreal, QC)


"I really let your music start to sink in, I literally stood beside a speaker and all I did was listen. Then this track came on and I literally had a new boost of energy like all my body wanted to do was dance. That really impressed me because only one other person has gotten me to dance when I wasn't feeling it. I shook my @$$ for all it was worth because of that song and it only got better from there. The reason I came to talk to you wasn't because I thought you were beautiful or was just being polite, it was because I was impressed by you...I feel in my heart that you are a fantastic person and you have the warmest heart and I love that you are so humble to think that you shouldn't be paid for the music you play. Baby what you give people with your music is more than just beats coming together in a sinchronized fashion to make it sound good. You take people on a journey through your music and that's what you get paid for. The art that you paint with the vibrations of sound is absolutely magical and I want you to always remember that. You let me into your world through your music so I had to let you into mine. Well if your plan is to move the masses, let me say you have moved me truly..."                      
-Kayla (Montreal, QC)



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